March 2014 Belt Test

March 2014 Belt Test

AKI would like to send out a BIG CONGRATS to the following students for getting promoted tonight,,,,,,, New YELLOW belts: Riley G. and Steve J.,,,,,, New GOLD belts: Cole N., Lane W. and Nate B.,,,,,,New ORANGE belts: André M., Colten T. and Kavit P.,,,,,,,New GREEN belt: Esmeralda L. ,,,,, New BLUE belt: Cullen L,,,,Great job and learn ur new BELT combos!!!


A special CONGRATS going out to Mr Lane W. for being chosen as the STUDENT OF THE MONTH for getting an A+ on his belt test tonight,,,,, His forms, kicks and combos looked great and I can only imagine how GOOD he will become by the time he reaches advance belt level,,,,, GREAT JOB!!!


December 2013 Belt Test


AKI would like congratulate the following students on their recent promotions Thursday night,,,,, New YELLOW belts : Lane W., Cole N. and Shelley K.,,,,, New GOLD belts : Tiana J., Colton T. and Kavit P,,,,, New ORANGE belts : Bradon M., Andres P., Jennifer L., Anne J. and Luke J.,,,,, New GREEN belts : Dylan T., John M., Grant and Quinn J.,,,,,New PURPLE belts : Amar H., Nicholas M., Grant M., William D., Sophia D. and Brisa M.,,,,, New BLUE belt : Nelson S.,,,,,, New RED belts : Jake W., Joshua W. and Alex F.,,,,, New BROWN belt( no stripe) Jude S.,,,,,New BROWN belts ( 2 stripes) Caleb M. and Ty P.,,,,,,, GREAT WORK Lady’s and Gent’s !!!!!

AKI would like to welcome Jacob O. as its newest member to the BLACK BELT family!!! Jacob was also named Student of the Year ,,,,,


A HUGE CONGRATS to Kavit P. on his recent promotion to GOLD belt as he was also the winner of the Student of the Month award ,,,,, Kavit impressed me with his intensity , focus and power as he did his combos and forms!!!!