Black Belts

The Strength of Our School

Black Belts

  • Tom Redmon
  • Allen Clifton
  • Juan Alcantar
  • Kevin Smith
  • Wes Hulsey
  • Rick Torres
  • Robert Bartlett
  • David Blevins
  • David Gonzales
  • Ronnie Malina
  • Carmen Taber
  • Rey Garza
  • Robin Debello
  • Chris Alcantar
  • Andy Farrior
  • Charlie Farrior
  • Cat Farrior
  • Cameron Vu
  • Michael Morales
  • Lee Molina
  • Jacob Owens
  • Kyle Haschke





Looking for diamonds keeps me teaching karate. If someone told you that there were a certain number of diamonds scattered around in a field, would you look for them?

My diamonds are my students who have attained the rank of black belt. After teaching for 43 years, I have 105 Black Belts. But it’s not the quantity that matters – it’s the quality.

You cannot beg, borrow, or buy a black belt in my school. I emphasize to my students that black belt division is a whole new world and the competition and demands only get tougher, not easier! However, if you train hard, endure, have patience, and refuse to accept limitations, then the coveted black belt can be yours. Only then will you find out the secret of being a black belt: it is only a piece of colored cloth, and the quality of the person wearing it determines its true value. The higher the quality, the higher the value. Just like a diamond!